Aging and Disability Resource Centers 

Looking for information and referral information for yourself, a friend, or family member with disabilities?  Centers for Independent Living are a great first step!

All Centers for Independent Living, including:

Access Alaska 

Arctic Access

Independent Living Center

Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) 

All Centers for Independent Living offer information and referral as a core service.  Feel free to call them for assistance finding services and information.


There is another type of agency that can help you find assistance and information.  It's an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).  In Alaska, they include:

Southeast Alaska - Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL) 

Kenai Peninsula -  Independent Living Center

Anchorage - Municipality of Anchorage

Mat Su - Links

Bristol Bay - Bristol Bay Native Association

Fairbanks- Northstar Council on Aging

For assistance, call the site nearest you or 
1-877-6AK-ADRC (1-877-625-2372) toll-free.

Finally, there's also Alaska 211.  They have information on several different types of social service agencies listed.